Best School Management System PHP Script

9 Best School Management System PHP Script 2023

Are you looking for Best School Management System PHP Script? Managing school, college hostels will be really difficult for anyone that’s why we need robust software to manage our school and college information online.

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Using this software you can easily manage almost all functions of your school like online attendance, admission, library, exams, calendar, Hostel, and transport, etc. You can also manage fees payment, due fees, Document management, invoicing, and billing too. Most of these projects have many kinds of payment modes like PayPal, Strip, Paytm, or PayuMoney.

Most of these projects are built on PHP, larval, Bootstrap, and Codeigniter frameworks. And for storing data they are using MySQL database. Most of these projects have 3+ levels of sign for example – Super admin, admin, student Parents, and teachers.


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So let’s have the list of top online school management scripts are as follows:


  1. Global – Multi (GMSMS)
  2. Ora School Suite
  3. Inilabs School Express
  4. Responsive Sako
  5. Pro School PHP
  6. Smart School
  7. InstiKit
  8. WPSchoolPress
  9. Dasinfomedia



1. Global – Multi (GMSMS)

Global - Multi School Management System Express

Global Multi School Management System Express is a modern and complete education automation software for schools, colleges, and universities. This script is available in codecanyon at the price of 55$.

It enables you to manage multiple schools from one server. Features of GMSMS are that it is ACL-based, has organized features, offers unlimited language option, build exclusive reports and it is neatly coded and documented.

Types of Users are sectioned and sub-sectioned and their specific roles are assigned as per the school requirements. The settings page is categorized as general setting, payment setting, and SMS setting.

Total number of User 460+ 

Pricing  – 45$ 




2. Ora School Suite

Ora School Suite - Ultimate school management system

Ora School was previously known as Schoex. The foundation of Ora School lies in Laravel 5, Bootstrap 4, and Angular JS. It is a robust yet flexible management tool for your education institute because it is powered by 7 day Ninja support which is available for 12 hours, outstanding features, and an adaptable control panel.

All School functions can be covered on the web or mobile under a singe platform. Ora school projects have barometric attendance included which can easily be integrated with bio-metric devices and supports ZKtecko devices as well.

Options of the advanced payments system, invoicing system, automatic or manual invoice generation, PayPal and PayU integration, and fee discounts are also available. Overall it is a fully responsive system that has modern UI/UX designed by experts. They have built separate android and IOS app for students and teachers.

Total number of User  – 2363+ 

Pricing  – 40$ 

 Ora School



3. Inilabs School Express

iNiLabs School Express School Management System

Inilabs School Express is a reliable and featured School, College, Institutes, and Academies Management System which is trusted by over 850+ schools worldwide. It offers more than 250+ features.

A school’s database is extremely vast and a number of scattered systems keep records of the admissions, enrollment, courses, accounts, communication, student monitoring, and many more.

Inilabs school management system gives an absolute solution to this by providing a consolidated and streamlined platform. Besides, Inilabs is a user-friendly system that has a built-in 15+ languages pack, 24/7 live customer support, and neat documentation.

Inilabs includes admission & course management, attendance & leave management, ebooks & library management etc.

Total number of User  – 1,517+ 

Pricing  – 56$ 




4. Responsive Sako 

Responsive Sako School Management System

Sako School Management System is a highly receptive SMS with its web-based responsive application. The system can assign 6 separate login rights to admin, teachers, students, accountant, parents, and library.

Besides, it authorizes the teachers to manage student’s attendance, their performance grades, and marks. The students can also access their attendance reports, marks and other notifications related to the school curriculum.

Parents can also view their ward’s performance, notices and pay fees in cash. They all have distinct dashboards being assigned to them. Sako Management system is an outcome of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX.

Total number of User  – 59+ 

Pricing  – 30$ 




5. Pro School PHP

Pro School - PHP School Management System

Pro School is a professional school management system designed by a PHP script that helps you build a school system from scratch.

It has an advanced security login page powered by encrypted passwords, brute force protection, and CSRF protection to create a safe account for users. Besides, classes can be created for your students and workers can be assigned to them.

Students have access to the latest course material, you can simply upload them to the system for them. Students can be categorized into groups for easy management and can receive custom announcements.

Additionally, Pro school has a robust invoice system that can help in setting up both recurring invoices and one-off payments which is supported by Stripe, PayPal, and 2checkout.

Total number of User  – 172+ 

Pricing  – 39$ 

 Pro School



6. Smart School 

Smart School School Management System

Smart School is a contemporary and absolute school automation software that is ideal for every school or any educational institution.

It gives a vast user panel for Super admin, Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Receptionist, Librarian, Parent and Student included in its 25+ modules. Smart School has outstanding customer support.

Besides, Smart School also offers State of the Art Student Form, Smart Fee collection module, a flexible examination module, one-click attendance recording system, pages with restricted access (for teachers only use), and front CMS for website management.

It also has a complete HR module where salaries, leaves, deductions, and attendance of the staff members can be managed.

Total number of User  – 1765+ 

Pricing  – 59$ 

 Smart School



7. InstiKit 

InstiKit School - School Management System for School, College, Institute and Academy

InstiKit is an ultimate school management software ideal for schools, colleges, academies, and institutes. It has some crisp in-depth, easy understand, and scalable features.

It is built with the latest version of Laravel (5.6.x) and Vue.JS (2.5.x). The installation wizard guides you through the step-by-step installation procedure. InstiKit supports Rest API that makes it easy to integrate with other applications.

Single page application reduces the loading time and improve user experience. Besides, it is also accompanied by an efficient database structure and a neat coding structure.

Total number of User  – 363+ 

Pricing  – 39$ 




School Management WordPress Plugins


8. WPSchoolPress

WPSchoolPress School management WordPress Plugin

WPSchoolPress is an extremely advanced plugin with top-notch features for school management. Besides giving role-based access to teachers, students, staff members, etc to the system, it also helps teachers to record attendance.

Classes can be assigned to the teachers and students. Test papers, tutorials, and lessons can be created for students to access online. You can even create events and calendar sections on the dashboard that can be accessed by the registered users.

Total number of User  – 3000+  




9. Dasinfomedia

School Management System for WordPress

Dasinfomedia created a comprehensive solution to manage all the school operations. Admin, Faculty, Students, and Parents get separate login and access to the system which makes it stand out from the crowd.

The plugin allows you to have a front-end student registration using precise shortcodes. Being PayPal friendly, it also lets you accept online payments. The fee receipts can be generated and sent to the parents with the smart tool.

Total number of User 1073+ 

Pricing  – 49$ 



Note – WordPress Plugins doesn’t have many features as compared to Script 


Conclusion – Almost of these scripts are awesome and developed by mastered but we mostly recommend Global Multi Script based on our research.
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  1. I like your post and also love your conclusion. The thing I want to point out is that WordPress was created for people who don’t know how to code–and I don’t know how to code.

    So, how do I use the PHP scripts of these School Management Systems without me having PHP coding abilities?

    I’d really like your reply on this matter

  2. Wow, what a fabulous list however wizGrade school manager should be among this list.

    wizGrade is an Open Source and a perfect, best, complete, and flexible solution for school management and administration.

    wizGrade has more than 50 rich and unique features.
    Thanks for sharing

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